Product and price optimization: Landline, Internet, mobile phone and additional services B2B (February 2013)


The client wants to customize existing services and price structures of their bundles for SMEs to react to changing customer needs and new technological possibilities (eg Voice over IP). The soon-to-launch products that cover all communication needs of SMEs (Internet, landline, mobile, email, file sharing, etc.), are to be tested and optimized.


Anovum interviewed telecommunications managers of small and medium enterprises in Switzerland about their needs and their willingness to pay. In various projects specialized survey and analysis systems were used: MaxDiff Scaling, Van Westendorp and Gabor Granger. Besides the willingness of SME customers to pay for certain combinations, the value / benefits of individual elements of the offers were also evaluated (eg. e-mail access via the Internet, Internet connection speed, discount mobile subscriptions, etc.).


Pooling these different price research methods allowed Anovum to conduct a reliable, targeted investigation of willingness to pay for different packages. The client used the results to improve the offers and pricing plans.