Product brand strategy in the B2B area (Canada/US 2008)


Our client – a Canadian health care provider – wanted to increase its market share in the US through a better understanding of the motives and needs of its customers.


Anovum carried out a market study in cooperation with an American fieldwork company with a focus on the following objectives

  • quantification of the sales funnels for the different competitors
  • measuring and analysing commitment and brand equity
  • determination of the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s own brand compared with those of the competitors
  • establishing the drivers of brand equity
  • development of a measurement and analysis tool to predict share (Share of Wallet Predictor)
  • validation of the needs segmentation and development of a tool to categorise the individual respondents into the different needs segments with the help of only a few questions (typing tool).


  • Specific measures to increase market share
  • Individual market approach through segment marketing

Further information:

Information on the segment each customer is categorised into is stored on the company-wide CRM database. This makes it possible to communicate individually with customers.