EHIMA - EuroTrak: Survey on hearing and hearing loss (GER, F, UK) (January 2011)


The members of the European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association wanted to jointly develop and implement market development strategies. To do so, they needed to understand their main markets better.


Anovum conducted a comprehensive survey on the topics of hearing loss and the use of hearing instruments in Europe. The research took into account country-specific concerns but was also designed to ensure comparability between the countries as well as with the MarkeTrak surveys that have been conducted in the US for over 20 years. The pilots in Germany, France and Great Britain constitute the basis for longer-term market development analyses.


  • ”Very interesting results that should benefit all stakeholders for years to come” Karl E. Strom, Editor in Chief, The Hearing Review
  • “We were doing serious work and had a good time simultaneously!” Søren Hougaard, Executive Director EHIMA - Denmark
  • “It’s a blockbuster” Martin Riedi, Director Phonak Market Insight – Switzerland

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