Quality of Service and Customer Satisfaction Analyses

The concept

The better companies manage to adapt their products and services to the needs and expectations of their customers, the higher customer satisfaction and the perceived quality of service will be and the more likely it is that you will develop long-standing and profitable customer relations.
Our quality of service and customer satisfaction analyses determine how satisfied your customers are with the product/service offerings of your company, uncover relevant strengths and weaknesses from the point of view of the customer and quantify the influence on customer satisfaction of individual factors regarding quality of service.

Example of a customer satisfaction model that was developed specifically for a project:

Customer Satisfaction Model

Benefits of quality of service and customer satisfaction analyses

Based on our analyses we determine clear and action-oriented measures.  By prioritising areas for improvement according to their relevance, your company can target the appropriate touchpoints in order to increase customer satisfaction or quality of service.

In doing so you can use your resources efficiently and save money.

  • Savings in those dimensions that hardly have any influence on customer satisfaction.
  • Investments in those dimensions that have a high level of influence on customer satisfaction.

Example - Areas for improvement:

In order to increase customer satisfaction it is advisable to invest in "delivery", because this dimension has a higher-than-average level of influence on customer satisfaction, but is rated lower-than-average. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that “customer care“ is kept on a consistently high level.


Quality of service and customer satisfaction surveys are normally repeated every one to two years to verify the effectiveness of the measures taken and to identify changes in customer expectations in good time. The interval depends on how quickly the areas for improvement are tackled and how quickly the measures taken begin to take effect in the market.

The results of our customer satisfaction analyses are, on the one hand, used as indicators in ‘management cockpits’, early warning systems or within the framework of Enterprise Feedback Management solutions. On the other hand they are employed to evaluate specific optimisation approaches relevant to corporate success for individual business areas such as sales, R&D, customer service, marketing etc.


Quality of service and satisfaction analyses can be used:

  • to measure the quality of public services
  • to measure the internal quality of service in medium-size and large companies
  • to optimise processes
  • for measurements within the framework of quality management (TQM)
  • to measure the external quality of service (i.e. call-centre satisfaction) in medium-size to large companies

Our analyses are based on the quantitative analysis model PLS that has been used for many years to measure quality of service and customer satisfaction worldwide.

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